At the age of about 12, here is what I knew about Photography:

  • You push a button.
  • Repeat until there are no more clicks left.
  • Take roll of film to the Photo Hut to get developed.
  • Cross your fingers, wait 7 days, and see what you got.

A lot has changed since then with technology, but I still love having a camera in my hand as much as I did as a kid. Throughout my life I have always been described as "creative" and have treaded many creative pathways that have influenced my interest in photography. I am moved by music and dance and the arts through which I have developed an appreciation for peoples expression of themselves through their art. 

My true creative outlet was found through the lens of a camera after life showed me how precious simple moments can be. My desire to document lives and experiences grew deeper and I started learning more about the art of photography. What really drew me to photography is the emotion and meaning behind the images. I don't strive to take the perfect photograph, but to capture the feelings, raw emotion, and the mood of my subjects....that moment that will fade away into yesterday and be forgotten unless it is frozen in time. When I realized that photography was my art, my talent, I was hooked. I feel grateful to be earning a living doing what I love and enjoying it passionately.

I have a mixture of styles based on the setting I am in and the personality of my subject. I want to capture life as it happens. I want to capture the moment, whatever it may be.  I like unusual things – people and places. Photography has sort of changed my view of the world. I see beauty and art in things my eyes used to just dismiss. I like to see and photograph unusual faces, features, and things in nature. I want to capture the personality of my subject with a photo-journalistic and artistic approach. 

I've had the pleasure of working with such personalities as: Rick Springfield, Cyndi Lauper, Deborah Harry, Brad Elvis, The Romantics, Night Ranger, Noah Lomax, Miranda Carlson.  And companies such as: Woombie, ZenStands, Jeep, H2H, Tacksaver, Angels Among Us, Proper Pilates Studio, Hawkins, Spizman, & Fortas, Simply Yoga, Burn Boot Camp, Isagenix, Keller Williams Realty and more.

I have been interviewed/published in such publications as:
The Atlanta Journal Constitution, Simply Buckhead, Creative Loafing, and Voyage Atlanta.

Some other random facts about me:
I enjoy fine wine, sunshine, travel, and the beach. I also own a small product business Lifestyle Home and Pet *plug plug*. I love animals. I love pugs. I have a soft spot for rescues and have a house full of furkids who own me as a result. I buy too many boots. I believe my kids are the coolest little humans on earth.  I love yacht rock. I like quotes. Music runs through my veins. My brain is like a fly strip for music trivia and pop culture. I suffer from chronic earworm:) I have an annoying ability to pluck melodies and song lyrics out of conversations. I love working with artists and musicians. I am a die-hard Duran Duran fan. I am a wife, mother, daughter, sister, friend, optimist, nature lover, major procrastinator, ice-cream junkie, thrifter, animal rescuer, antique collector and lover of all things vintage, goofball, and die-hard fashion addict.

When not photographing clients, I love just having fun and spending time with my people.